What Does the 🍆 Mean?

By Jax

The 🍆 emoji can have different meanings depending on the context and situation. It can be used in expressing flirtatious behavior and more specifically, the meaning is a little more explicit as it represents the p#nis.

For example, someone might use the 🍆 when they want to say, “I want you tonight! 🍆🍆🍆”. Here’s a deeper look at what this emoji signifies.

Examples and Other Meanings of 🍆

“You down for the 🍆 tonight?”

  • Emotion: Flirty
  • Intention: The person is asking if they want to hook up.

“Interested in a little 🍆 in the V?”

  • Emotion: Flirty
  • Intention: Another example of where someone is using the 🍆 emoji to refer to their male member.

Popularity Over Time

This emoji began trending in 2014 and is largely used in text messaging.


The 🍆 emoji represents more than meets the eye and is generally used in a flirty context. It became popular in 2014 and is predominantly used in text messaging.