What Does “AYSM” Mean?

By Jax

The abbreviation “AYSM” stands for “Are You Sh#tting Me?” It is a phrase used to express disbelief or confusion regarding a particular situation or action.

AYSM Meaning

  • Abbreviation “AYSM” means “Are You Sh#tting Me”
  • It is used to express confusion or disbelief
  • It is not considered to be work appropriate
  • It is also not considered to be child safe

Examples and Other Meanings

“What!? AYSM?!”

  • Emotion: Confused
  • Intention: Expressing frustration about what was just said or done.

“I was like… AYSM? LOL!”

  • Emotion: Frustration
  • Intention: Confusion about a situation

Popularity Over Time

“AYSM” first began trending in 2018, and it is most commonly used on social media and in text messaging.

  • Snapchat meaning: Are You Sh#tting Me
  • Instagram meaning: Are You Sh#tting Me

In conclusion, “AYSM” is an expression used to show confusion and disbelief about a particular situation. It is not considered appropriate for work or child-friendly settings. This abbreviation gained popularity in 2018 and is commonly used in social media and text messaging.