What Does “FWU” Mean?

By Jax

FWU stands for “F#cking With You.” It’s used to indicate when someone is just kidding and they don’t mean it literally.

Is FWU safe for work?

Do not use FWU in front of children and not consider it safe for work either due to its informal language and expletive.

FWU Over Time

This abbreviation began its trending use in 2022 and has become popular in text messaging and social media. Its usage is mostly in informal settings to assert humor among friends.

Examples and Other Meanings

“I’m just FWU!”

  • Emotion: Joking
  • Intention: In this example, someone suggests they are joking around.

“I’m sure he’s just FWU, don’t lose yourself over it.”

  • Emotion: Distrust
  • Intention: Someone is suggesting another person is kidding.


FWU stands for “F#cking With You,” and it’s an informal and expletive abbreviation that is not safe for work or children.

It is commonly used in text messaging and social media as a way to indicate when someone is joking or kidding around.