What Does “ISO” Meaning?

By Jax

The abbreviation “ISO” signifies “In Search Of” on social media platforms and in text conversations. When used, it indicates that the person is looking for something or someone, such as an object to purchase or a person to connect with.


  • ISO: What ISO Means
  • Emotion Behind ISO: Investigatory Emoji
  • Contexts in Which ISO is Used

Context and Use

Someone using “ISO” in online forums, Facebook groups, or in text messages is usually looking for help from their community. They can also use this abbreviation when seeking to purchase something, like looking for a place to buy good pizza or a good date for the evening. The intention is to find people, objects, or experiences that they desire or need.

Popularity and Variants Over Time

ISO first began trending in 2015 and has primarily become popular in text messaging. It is safe for work and safe for use around children. On Snapchat and Instagram, it retains the same meaning of “In Search Of.”

Examples of ISO in Use

“ISO of someone to help me out with the dogs tonight.”

  • Emotion: Questioning
  • Intention: Seeking help in the community

“Does anyone know where there’s some good pizza. ISO some carbs for tonight! :)”

  • Emotion: Investigatory
  • Intention: Seeking information and expressing desire

How to Respond to ISO on Social Media and Text Conversations?

When responding to a post or message that includes “ISO,” it’s important to provide helpful and friendly comments, share positive or supportive information, and ask more about the situation or feelings that the person is experiencing. Avoid responding negatively or in a way that could embarrass or discourage them.