What Does “IYKYK” Mean?

By Jax

Abbreviation “IYKYK” means “If You Know You Know.” It’s commonly used between two people or a group of people and expressing some level of elitism or inside joke about certain topics or subject matter.

This abbreviation is considered safe and appropriate for work and considered safe for children. It’s Emoji use for Secretive.

Examples and other meanings

“I went and got the M&M smoothie. IYKYK!”

  • Emotion: Excitement
  • Intention: In this example, we can see a person suggesting that a certain drink is so good that you only know if you’ve tried it.

“Yeah, totally! We’re going to hit the boooooeng. IYKYK!”

  • Emotion: Secretive
  • Intention: Similar to the example above, a person can use the abbreviation to express that they’re being a little bit secretive about something.

    Popularity over time

    It began trending in 2013 and is used for text messaging and social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram.