What Does “LGH” Mean?

By Jax

“LGH” is an abbreviation that stands for “Let’s get h#gh.” This abbreviation can be seen in text messages and social media posts, typically used by individuals referring to engaging in activities related to getting h#gh. However, it is not a safe abbreviation to use at work or around children.

What Does LGH Mean?

The abbreviation LGH stands for “Let’s get h#gh.” It is important for parents to be aware of this abbreviation and to educate their children about its meaning and implications.


  • Abbreviation: LGH
  • Meaning: Let’s get h#gh
  • Emotion: Inferring
  • Safe for work: No
  • Safe for children: No
  • Snapchat meaning: Let’s get h#gh
  • Instagram meaning: Let’s get h#gh
  • Year it began trending: 2019
  • Primary community: Text messaging and social media

Examples and Other Meanings of LGH

The abbreviation “LGH” can be used in a couple of different ways, each conveying a different emotion and intention.

“Yo! LGH!”

  • Emotion: Inferring
  • Intention: A friend uses this message to invite another friend to start using. Parents should be wary if they see their children using this abbreviation.


  • Emotion: Question
  • Intention: This can be used as a question, asking someone if they want to partake in particular activities. It’s important to be aware of this implication when seeing this abbreviation.

Popularity over Time

The LGH abbreviation began trending in 2019 and continues to be popular in text messaging and social media communities. The widespread use of this abbreviation indicates the importance of understanding its meaning and implications in the digital age.