What Does “LOL” Mean?

By Jax

The acronym “LOL” has become a widely used internet slang term that is often used in digital conversations.

What does LOL mean?

LOL stands for “laugh out loud” or “laughing out loud.” When used in a chat or text message, it’s to indicate that something is funny or enjoyable.

Popularity over time

LOL is one of the most popular and commonly used internet slang terms, it has been in use since the early days of the internet and is still widely used today.

Examples and other meanings

“LOL this seriously happened?”

Emotion: Silly

Intention: Adding additional context to the conversation by telling you something is funny.

” Wow, I can’t believe that happened. LOL!”

Emotion: Annoyance

Intention: Laughing but also at the same time—not laughing. Expressing some annoyance.

The table contains various popular acronyms and their meanings:

  • Abbreviation: LOL
  • Meaning: Laugh out loud or laughing out loud
  • Emotion: Laughing and humor

Safer work for a child

It is safer for children as well because it doesn’t contain anything inappropriate.