What Does “TG” Mean?

By Jax

When someone says “TG,” they are saying “Thank God.” It’s like someone saying they are feeling alleviated. When we think of having a “sigh of relief,” this would be a very similar expression.

  • Common usage of “TG”
  • Emotions and intention associated with “TG”
  • TG Meaning: Thank God
  • Emotion: Alleviation

Examples and Other Meanings

“TG that didn’t happen to you—it sucked!”

  • Emotion: Alleviation
  • Intention: Someone might start a sentence with “TG” if they’re trying to express feeling alleviation from a particular scenario.

“I don’t know what I would do without you TG!”

  • Emotion: Love and affection
  • Intention: It’s possible for someone to use “TG” as a way of showing appreciation, too.

Popularity Over Time

TG began trending in 2014 and is commonly used in text messaging and social media.

  • Year it began trending 2014
  • Primary community on text messaging and social media