What Does the πŸ‘€ Emoji Meaning From a Guy?

By Jax

If a guy texted you the πŸ‘€ emoji, it’s his way of saying, β€œI’m not so sure about something that you just said.”

Emoji Meaning

The πŸ‘€ emoji typically conveys a sense of being suspicious or embarrassed.

Examples and Other Meanings

What!? πŸ‘€

  • Emotion: Suspicious
  • Intention: It’s like saying, hey, what did you just say!

Can’t wait! πŸ‘€

  • Emotion: Awkward
  • Intention: You just said something kind of funky!

Popularity Over Time

The πŸ‘€ emoji has become increasingly popular and is widely used to express suspicion, embarrassment, or awkwardness.

How to Respond to the πŸ‘€ Emoji from a Guy

When responding to the πŸ‘€ emoji from a guy, you can take the following steps:

  • Send the πŸ‘€ emoji back to convey that you are also unsure about something.
  • Respond to the message or question with a positive or friendly comment.
  • Avoid negative or mocking responses to prevent further discomfort.


The πŸ‘€ emoji from a guy typically indicates doubt or uncertainty about something that has been said. Therefore, understanding its meaning and responding appropriately can help maintain a positive and respectful conversation.