What Does the 👻 Emoji Mean?

By Jax

The 👻 emoji is used to convey when someone is being ghosted, which is when they do not receive a reply to a message they have sent. It can also signify that the person is aware they are being ghosted and use the emoji to indicate that awareness.

Meaning and Context of the 👻 Emoji

Within the context of text messaging and online communication, the 👻 emoji conveys the feeling of being ghosted, ignored, or not receiving a reply. It is often used in a playful manner to indicate awareness of the situation.

  • Emoji: 👻
  • Meaning: Getting ghosted (no response)
  • Emotion: Playful

Examples and Other Meanings of the 👻 Emoji

“No reply? Guess I’m getting 👻”

  • Emotion: Playful
  • Intention: Acknowledging being ghosted through the use of the emoji

“👻 Boo!”

  • Emotion: Playful
  • Intention: A playful reference to being ghosted

Popularity of the 👻 Emoji Over Time

The use of the 👻 emoji became popular in 2019 within text messaging communities, reflecting the prevalence of being ghosted and the need to express it through emojis.

How to Respond to the Ghost Emoji 👻

When receiving the 👻 emoji, appropriate responses can include returning the same emoji or using others such as 😊 or 😂. It is important to acknowledge the situation and respond in a positive, friendly, or supportive manner.


The 👻 emoji represents the experience of being ghosted and is commonly used to indicate awareness of the situation. Understanding the context and emotional tone behind the use of the emoji is essential for appropriate and empathetic responses in communication.