What Does the 😌 Emoji Meaning From a Guy?

By Jax

If a guy texted you the 😌 emoji

When a guy texts you the 😌 emoji, it’s a sign that he’s feeling very secure and content with something you just told or did.

Examples and other meanings

OK, I’ll see you there very soon. 😌

  • Emotion: Happy and playful.
  • Intention: He can’t wait to see you!

You’re such a wonderful man. 😌

  • Emotion: Content.
  • Intention: An example where he feels very secure with you.

Popularity over time

The 😌 emoji has been popular over time as a way for guys to express contentment and security through a text message.

How to Respond to the 😌 Emoji from a Guy

When a guy sends you the 😌 emoji, here’s how you can respond:

  • Return the 😌 emoji or another appropriate emoji, such as 😊, 😍, πŸ˜‚, or πŸ˜….
  • Answer messages or questions he sends with the 😌 emoji.
  • Provide positive or friendly comments, praise, or support.
  • Ask him more about the situation or feelings he is experiencing with the 😌 emoji.


The 😌 emoji is a way for guys to express feelings of contentment and security through text messages. Understanding the meaning behind this emoji can help you better interpret a guy’s feelings and respond appropriately.