What Does the 😍 Emoji Meaning From a Guy?

By Jax

The 😍 emoji, commonly known as the “heart eyes” emoji, can have different meanings depending on the context and situation. When a guy texts you this emoji, it usually signifies that he is feeling affectionate towards you. Let’s take a closer look at the various meanings of the heart eyes emoji from a guy:

When a Guy Texted You the 😍 Emoji

When a guy sends you the 😍 emoji, it’s his way of expressing that he really likes something you’re doing. He is feeling affectionate towards you and wants to convey his admiration through this emoji.

Examples and Other Meanings

Here are a few examples and other possible meanings of the heart eyes emoji from a guy:
“Oh yeah! 😍”

  • Emotion: Affectionate
  • Intention: This conveys that you’re doing something sweet and causing him to have a crush.

“How do you know? 😍”

  • Emotion: Being sassy
  • Intention: It signifies something you said that is incredibly cute.

Popularity Over Time

The heart eyes emoji has grown in popularity over time, becoming a widely used emoji to express affection and admiration for someone or something.

How to Respond to the Heart Eyes Emoji 😍 from a Guy

When a guy sends you the heart eyes emoji, you can respond in the following ways:

  • Return the heart eyes emoji or another appropriate emoji, such as 😊, 😍, or 😅.
  • Reply with positive or friendly comments to acknowledge his affectionate feelings.
  • Show appreciation and affection in response to his use of the heart eyes emoji.


The heart eyes emoji 😍 is a visual representation of feeling affectionate or enamored, typically used to convey admiration and fondness. When a guy uses this emoji, it indicates that he feels affectionate and admiring towards you. Responding to the heart eyes emoji with positivity and warmth fosters a friendly and supportive interaction.