What Does the 😒 Emoji Mean?

By Jax

The 😒 emoji is a widely recognized face that can convey feelings of annoyance and frustration. In different contexts, the unamused face emoji can have different interpretations. Let’s explore its meanings and examples to better understand how it is used.

What Does 😒 Mean?

The emoji 😒 is best understood as meaning “that’s annoying” and is often used in texts or online messages to express annoyance or impatience.

It can be a way of indicating that someone’s patience is running low and frustration is beginning to set in.

😒 That’s annoying Annoyed

Examples and Other Meanings

“Umm okay. 😒”

  • Emotion: Annoyed
  • Intention: The person using the emoji is expressing frustration and impatience with the conversation.


  • Emotion: Annoyed
  • Intention: This emoji can stand alone as a symbol of annoyance.

Popularity Over Time

The 😒 emoji began trending around 2019 and is primarily used in text messaging to convey feelings of frustration and annoyance.

With its simple yet clear expression, the unamused face emoji 😒 effectively communicates feelings of annoyance and impatience. Understanding its meanings and uses can help in interpreting the emotions behind the messages we receive. Whether it’s an indication of exasperation or dissatisfaction, the 😒 emoji paints a vivid picture in the digital world.