What Does the 😛 Mean?

By Jax

Emoji 😛 is someone being playful. Often used when flirting or teasing someone.

There are different contexts to consider when someone uses this emoji:

  • being playful
  • trying to flirt
  • not being very serious about the conversation
  • teasing

Examples and other meanings

Examples of how ‘😛’ can be used:

“I told you so! 😛”

  • Emotion: Playful
  • Intention: Indicating teasing

“😛😛😛 You know I’ll be watching!”

  • Emotion: Flirty
  • Intention: Indication of flirtatious behavior

Popularity over time

The 😛 emoji began trending in 2019, largely in the context of text messaging.


😛 emoji can be a versatile way of conveying playful or flirtatious intentions, while remaining safe for work and acceptable for all ages. Always consider the context of use when interpreting this playful emoji.