What Does the 😢 Emoji Meaning From a Girl?

By Jax

The 😢 emoji expresses “innocence” or “guilt.” It can also indicate that someone is feeling really guilty about a situation or that something is really cute. Generally, this emoji is used to convey innocence.

Examples of 😢 Emoji Usage

“OMG she’s so cute! 😢”

  • Emotion: Happy
  • Intention: The emoji is used to express a high degree of cuteness, such as when a person sees a picture of a puppy.

“😢 who, me!?”

  • Emotion: Innocence
  • Intention: Used when a person wants to present themselves as innocent from something that is happening or has happened.

Popularity Over Time

According to data, the 😢 emoji began trending in 2018 within the text messaging community.

Meaning of the 😢 Emoji from a Guy

The 😢 emoji from a man can mean the following things:

Innocence The emoji can be used to express feelings of innocence or to convey that something is cute.

Meaning of the 😢 Emoji from a Girl

From a girl, the 😢 emoji also conveys innocence or cuteness.

How to Respond to an Emoji 😢 from a Guy

How you respond to the 😢 emoji from a guy depends on the meaning and context of the emoji. However, in general, there are several things you can do, such as:

  • Return the 😢 emoji or another appropriate emoji
  • Answer messages or questions he sends with the 😢 emoji
  • Provide positive or friendly comments, praise, or support
  • Ask him more about the situation or feelings he is experiencing with the 😢 emoji
  • Avoid negative, rude, or mocking responses that could make him feel more embarrassed, surprised, or interested.


The 😢 emoji is widely used to express innocence or cuteness. It is often used in friendly conversations to convey a special feeling. How to respond to the 😢 emoji from a guy depends on the context and meaning, but in general, it’s best to give a positive, friendly, or supportive response.