What Does the Emoji Meaning From a Guy?

By Jax

When a guy texts you the emoji, it means he’s saying, “Let’s hope so!”

Examples and Other Meanings

I hope so!

  • Emotion: Hope
  • Intention: Like saying that we hope something doesnt happen.

  • Emotion: Hope
  • Intention: Fingers crossed always means we are hopeful of a good outcome.

Popularity Over Time

The emoji has seen a spike in usage in recent years, especially in casual conversations among friends and has become a staple in expressing hope or good wishes.


The emoji from a guy can express a sense of hopefulness or a desire for a positive outcome in a specific situation. It can also indicate that the guy is joking around and not taking things too seriously. This emoji can be a light-hearted way to express a positive sentiment and a hope for the best.