What Does the 打 Emoji Meaning From a Guy?

By Jax

When a guy texts you the 打 emoji, it means that hes a little cringed out by something that you just said and he’s unsure of how to respond to you. Its like an awkward face being expressed through an emoji.

Emoji and their meanings

打 – this emoji represents being cringed and can also be used in a playful manner

Examples and other meanings

Ummm. 打

  • Emotion: Awkward
  • Intention: Not sure about something that you just said.

Who would say something like that? 打

  • Emotion: Feeling cringed
  • Intention: Another example where hes being playful with you.

Popularity over time

The 打 emoji has grown in popularity over time, especially as a humorous and light-hearted way of expressing embarrassment or uncertainty. It is often used in a playful or teasing manner, but can also convey genuine feelings of awkwardness or discomfort.

How to respond to the 打 emoji from a guy?

When you receive the 打 emoji from a guy, depending on the context and his usual communication style, you can consider responding in the following ways:

  • Return the 打 emoji or another appropriate one to acknowledge his sentiment, such as , , , or
  • Respond to the message or question he sent with the 打 emoji
  • Provide positive and friendly feedback, praise, or support
  • Engage in conversation to learn more about his feelings or the situation that led to him using the 打 emoji
  • Avoid negative, rude, or mocking responses that could further exacerbate his feelings of awkwardness or discomfort


The 打 emoji, when sent from a guy, indicates a sense of being cringed or feeling uncertain about something. It may also convey a playful or humorous tone. Understanding the meaning of this emoji, and responding to it appropriately, can help in maintaining positive and effective communication.