What Does “WDYLL” Mean?

By Jax

The abbreviation “WDYLL” stands for “What do you look like?” and is commonly used in online forums, chat rooms, Snapchat, Discord, or other social media platforms where individuals cannot see each other. It is an inquisitive phrase used to inquire about someone’s appearance.

  • Abbreviation/ meaning/ emotion:
  • WDYLL/ What do you look like?/ Inquisitive
  • Safe for work:
  • No/ No

Examples and other meanings

“I would love to see you! WDYLL?”

  • Emotion: Playful
  • Intention: This is someone potentially asking for a picture of what the other person looks like.

“Describe yourself to me. WDYLL?”

  • Emotion: Inquisitive
  • Intention: Without asking for a picture describe how you look.

Popularity over time

People commonly use WDYLL as a way to ask others to describe their appearance in online conversations. This phrase has become increasingly popular over the years as online interactions become more prevalent.

In conclusion, WDYLL is an abbreviation used to inquire about someone’s appearance and is often used in online conversations and social media platforms.