What Does “WSP” Mean?

By Jax

The abbreviation “WSP” stands for “What’s up?”. It is commonly used in text messaging and on social media platforms to inquire about what someone is doing or how they are feeling.

What does WSP mean?

The meaning of WSP, which is an abbreviation for “What’s up?”, is a question that serves as an informal way of asking someone what they are currently doing or how they are feeling.

  • Origin of WSP
  • Use of WSP in Different Settings
  • Acceptable Contexts for WSP

Abbreviation: WSP Meaning: What’s Up Emotion: Question

Examples and other meanings

“WSP! What you doing?”

  • Emotion: Question
  • Intention: This example shows someone using “WSP” to start a conversation over a text message.

“You know WSP!”

  • Emotion: Happy
  • Intention: In this example, “WSP” is used to shorten the phrase “What’s up” into a small chunk of text, primarily to make someone sound cool.

Popularity over time

WSP began trending in 2018 and is popular mainly in text messaging.


The abbreviation “WSP,” meaning “What’s up?,” is a common way to initiate conversation or inquire about someone’s well-being. This abbreviation is widely accepted and can be used safely in text messaging and social media platforms.