What Does “WTM” Mean?

By Jax

The abbreviation “WTM” stands for “What’s the move?” It is used to inquire about someone’s current plans or activities. Similar to asking, “What’s up?” Or “What’s going on?” This is a way of asking someone what they would like to do or what they’re occupied with at the moment.

What Does WTM Mean?

Abbreviation “WTM” means “What’s the move?” and is used to inquire about someone’s plans or activities.

Abbreviation and Meaning

  • WTM: What’s the move
  • Emotion: Inquisitive

Examples and Other Meanings

“Hey, WTM! What are you up to this weekend?”

  • Emotion: Inquisitive
  • Intention: An informal and playful way to ask what someone is doing.

“WTM my dude!”

  • Emotion: Inquisitive
  • Intention: A way to find out what someone is currently involved with.