What Does “WYO” Mean?

By Jax

“WYO” stands for “What you on?” It’s a way of inquiring about what someone is currently up to, what they’re involved with, or what their plans are. It is not referring to substance use or other illicit activities. The abbreviation “WYO” is similar to someone saying, “What’s up?” or “How is it going?”

Abbreviations and Meanings

  • WYO: What you on
  • Emotion: Inquisitive

Safe for Work and Social Media

  • Safe for work: No, as it is informal and slang
  • Safe for children: Yes

Examples and Meanings

“What’s up Jeremy! WYO!”

  • Emotion: Inquisitive
  • Intention: Make the conversation inviting and friendly.

“I’m going to be hanging out with my friends later. Why? WYO?”

  • Emotion: Inquisitive
  • Intention: Used for asking questions and starting a conversation.

Popularity Over Time

The use of “WYO” began trending in 2004 and was primarily used within the African American community.

In conclusion, “WYO” is an informal way of asking someone what they are currently up to, and it is widely used in casual conversations or text messages.